Friday, October 16, 2015

Celtic songs and slow airs

Last january I received my first dulcimer, and have since gone on to collect a few more.
 I never imagined how it would change my world. How these three strings stretched across the length of 37 inches of wood , would bend and straighten my heart. That emotion and science can coalesce and restore my sense of purpose and passion for living.

Here are a couple of Celtic songs & slow airs that I have been practicing , arranged by Neal Hellman for mountain dulcimer

When I was on Horseback. played on a Blue lion mountain dulcimer in the key of GcG

The Banks of Claudy is an Irish Ballad. played on  a Cherry Mcspadden in the key of DaD



Friday, February 13, 2015

The sleeping lady of Malta

 She lies here in repose 
a reverie of gargantuan proportions

Dusk settles, her day of work is done 
She takes her meal and stretches out
 on this slab of cold hard stone 

She doesn't mind one bit though 
she is rather hot and it will be another clement night 

She is tired and there is much work awaiting her tomorrow